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Ravage - The End Of Tomorrow

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Posted: 10/15/2009 | Comments: 2 | Rate:

Boston metallers, Ravage return to bring the time warp of 80’s era thrash with their newest release entitled, The End Of Tomorrow.

When I say 80’s time warp, I mean it. These guys must have forgotten that when it struck midnight on 12/31/1989 that it didn’t just go back to 1980 all over again and then repeat itself again every ten years. Seriously with the exception of a terribly misplaced blastbeat or two there is nothing that comes from this record that doesn’t scream 80’s. Judas Priest and Helloween come to mind when I hear the guitar melodies and vocals. Bands like Overkill and Annihilator jump right out when the thrash kicks in. Hell even the cover art screams of Megadeth and Death. To top it all off, these guys dress like Metallica circa 1982; leather jackets, long flowing hair, and Reeboks high tops. To simply state, these guys are stuck in a place 25 years ago.

Diving into the content of the band we return to the day and age when metal acts talked about the more important things in life like when giant spiders attack and stories of a symbolic spirit of vengeance known as the Spectral Rider. It appears the vocalist Al Ravage decided to combine the work of Shakespeare and mix it with a little pro-wrestling and the Twilight Zone. These are all important facets of life that anyone can get behind.

Speaking of Al Ravage, vocally this man is eerily similar to Bobby Blitz of Overkill. This element of the band continues that 80’s theme that seems to be an obvious intention of the band. His only problem is that he lacks the power in his vocals to hit those awesome highs that the 80’s acts were known for. It’s a downfall that can be overlooked though.

As much as I dig this album there are a few complaints. For starters they lack a ballad on the record. This can be seen as a positive for a lot of people but not me. Since they seem to embrace the 80’s and the NWOBHM as much as they do, this should have been a “must have” element of their album. They also lack that mid-paced single kick stomp song as well. It would have been nice to see them cover it all in one shot. My 2nd big complaint is the few poor decisions by the drummer to add blastbeats to the songs. Everything about this band straight forward traditional 80’s metal through and through, why decide less than a handful of times to throw in such unneeded parts? Lastly the album kind of falls a little flat. The music becomes a bit repetitive by the last few tracks. I think this is another case of, if I broke up listening to this album with other songs, I’d appreciate the later tracks a lot more.

Retro thrash is becoming a bit of a trend anymore. It seems a lot of newer acts are resorting to only paying tribute to the older bands but still allow themselves to let their newer influences shine as well. Ravage on the other hand could probably pull off telling people that they were a band in the 80’s that never made it big. I mean if I didn’t know they were relatively new and only had 2 releases, I wouldn’t question anyone that told me they actually came out in 1986.

This record is obviously only going to go over well with the crowd that loved the old school thrash records of yesteryear. If you don’t dig any of the bands previously mentioned in this review, then you won’t dig Ravage. The album is a solid listen but I recommend not listening to it all in one shot. You’ll lose interest in the last couple of tracks because it does drift into that repetitive realm.

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