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Remembering Never - God Save Us

knifeandfacetragedy   (61 reviews)

Posted: 02/14/2006 | Comments: 57 | Rate:

Let me start off by saying I've always thought this band had potential.

The drumming is pretty berserk and creative, and the riffing was always cohesive and thoughtfully constructed. However, with their second release, "Women and Children Die First," they simplified their sound and decided to make every song rife with breakdowns. They even included in the liner notes an apology for straying from "true hardcore" and vowed to never make the mistake again that they did when recording their debut album "She Looks So Good In Red."

This album has the frantic drumming from She Looks... but has the repetitive, cliche and entirely boring song writing of Women and Children. They have all but completely removed clean vocals, for better or worse, and have sped up their sound a bit as well. Unfortunately, the lack of melody makes this new album a complete bore-a-thon in which the most interesting aspect is the switches between upbeat and breakdown beats.

The best song is "Pocket Full of Dirt," a two-minute track with some berserk drumming and a decent speed to keep it ripping. After that, though, every song starts to sound the same and by the end of the album you'll find yourself skipping each track after 10 seconds to see if the next song is any different and/or sucks less.

The only thing they've maintained is decent lyrics. I love that at least someone in hardcore is ripping on dependency on god and faith to solve life's problems. Some of the vegan lyrics are a bit over the top, though.

Lastly, not that it's important, but the song titles are horrid. "Suicide Hotline on Speed Dial" has got to be officially the most cliche name ever written. Their song titles are so bad, in fact, that it's actually annoying to read them when listening to the album. Sad.

My advice to Remembering Never: ditch the obsession with breakdowns, ditch the hardcore mentality and just make music. You don't have anything to prove. Good idea adding the better drumming but bad, bad ideas everywhere else.

Don't buy this album.

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how about "God Save Us From Writing Another Shitty Record"
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too long to leave room for the cover art.
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what do you mean knifeandfacetragedy about the cover ary coment? i dont understand what ur trying to say
62,973 Posts
This band has always fucking blew.
25,328 Posts
love the debut album

hate everything else
4,472 Posts
This should be lower than 35.

Hell, it should be lower than 0. Terrible band.
King At Crime
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this band sucks and i cant believe them and zao are headlining above madball in philly
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Originally posted by:wuz_570

love the debut album
hate everything else

this album was by far the worste think i've ever heard from this band...they keep improving, but not by much.
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I love it when newjacks think they know shit about shit.
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One more reason for me to almost stop listening to metalcore.
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cover art - they always have dramatic (and interesting) cover art. unfortunately the music has trouble backing it up.

35 total score - that's an automated average. This album does deserve a high score for technicality, because it's actually pretty fast and the drumming adds 30-40 points alone. Unfortunately the guitars are muddy and the vocals have deteriorated.
I have no legs!
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i liked the first remembering never cd

but then again i take it up the poop shoot

but i havent heard this album and i cant tell you its terrible
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wow, just listened to it some more and they've added blast beats into a few songs. interesting...
I have no legs!
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nice cover art...
eat babies
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complete goatshit

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