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Rotten Sound - Cursed

Ron Shark   (233 reviews)

Posted: 02/22/2011 | Comments: 4 | Rate:

Last year's ep Napalm was for me a the return of the Rotten Sound I was missing. Cycles was good, but not nearly as good as Murderworks and Exit. It would appear that Napalm was a precursor of things to come because this album more than picks up where it left off.

Taking the best cues from Nasum and Napalm Death, the band is easily king shit of grind mountain and Cursed is here to give you further proof. Right out of the gate the sonic assault is absolutely crushing and it makes no excuses for how punishing it is. They're firing on all cylinders.

Cursed is 16 tracks coming in under a half hour of music. That's to be expected for a grind album, but it's not all nonstop blastbeats. The band utilizes a lot of groove and melody. At times the slower grooves reminded me of early Entombed which certainly isn't a bad thing at all. Other times I even hear some hardcore sprinkled in as the band buzzsaws through each track.

Cursed is already one of the better Rotten Sound albums and easily a top contender for top metal albums of 2011. This is everything Cycles was lacking and then some. Grind is a genre that isn't very easy to do something new in, but writing a grind album that stands above the rest in said genre is not an easy task. Rotten Sound have easily achieved success, this is grindcore as its finest.

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Can't wait to hear this.
im gay
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yo, this album is awesome.

definitely a step up for these dudes.
The shy retirer
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Definitely their best since Exit.

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