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Run Forever - The Devil, And Death, And Me

Elliot   (18 reviews)

Posted: 09/22/2010 | Comments: 3 | Rate:

What is going on in PA these days? Yet again another band calling a city in Pennsylvainia home has impressed me. Run Forever are a three piece indie/folk/punk band from Pittsburgh PA that play a crafted style I would identify as more punk than anything else(on this record atleast) except for a few exceptions on this record.

The vocals really remind me of Conor Oberst of Bright Eyes. That is not a bad thing at all considering I like Bright Eyes and this guy sounds even better than Oberst. The vocals really stand out on this record and add something to their sound.

Now for their sound. As I said they play a very crafted style of those simple songs. This is like "Lifted" era Bright Eyes indie rock met up with The Riot Before's folk punk of "Fists Buried in Pockets" and then taking all the right cues from TRB's not so folk punk, 2010's "Rebellion" and intertwinded it with The Menzingers "Chamberlain Waits" style of mid-tempo "fast enough to be punk" paced songs and guitar tones. All topped off with some Murder By Death for good folk/indie measure. Now of course this was not the sound intended by Run Forever but this is what I heard and I like it.

From the album opener "A Sequence Of Sad Events" all those elements are highly present and I was hooked at 1:00 into this. It was hard to believe that this band is unsigned.

The final high point I would like to point out is the song writing. It goes from simple to deep to poetic to personal to observational to suggestive, for a way of living life. I think it is all about the melody that brings this across. If you like punk rock or anything indie rock or just good fun music that gets better with each listen then this is for you.

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Bad Debt
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The official site link will take you to a page that is streaming this album. Listen to it.
a quarter chord
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Just finishing up the first song and love the sound so far. Pretty much spot on on the sound, thanks.
Bad Debt
6,337 Posts
yep, band is good.

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