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DENNIS AND BURIED   (49 reviews)

Posted: 10/16/2006 | Comments: 4 | Rate:

now since this band hails all the way from australia im gonna cut them slack,but this seriously sounds exactly like songs left off the last death before dishonor cd.its got the speed,the token metal picking parts and the double bass and gang chorus parts.another problem i had with this was the length of the songs,other then the first track the songs all clock in at close to 3 minutes or over,which makes this whole thing really seem to drag and that isnt good for a 4 songs demo.lyrically i really like some of the lines the singer Baina(australian for Hank) uses such as "just because you did some time 10 years ago doesnt give you a right to call the new kids a joke" and "id rather a kid who's new but true than a bitter fuck just talkin shit".sure its not poetry buts its something i can totally get behind.

all in this demo is pretty much by the numbers new school hardcore,its not reinventing the wheel buts by no means bad.if you wanna hear what poppin in the land down under give it a listen.

screw flanders

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OTYC, sucka!
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Why the 'screw flanders'?

Anyways... I quite like this little demo, sure it's far from original (which is not exactly a requirement in this style anyways), but they do it well enough. Nice to see it reviewed on here btw.
holy moly
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i dont dislike it,it just didnt blow my skirt up
the sandman
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i really love this band, been supporting them since some one posted about them months and months ago on here

good band, great dudes
..don't give a
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there was a band called samsara that was from michigan too
i thought this was about them, but they probably broke up years ago anyway.

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