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Secret Plot To Destroy The Entire Universe - Montauk

bryan.batiste   (150 reviews)

Posted: 03/26/2012 | Comments: 0 | Rate:

Philadelphia's Secret Plot To Destroy The Entire Universe basically appeared out of nowhere late last year. The band has released their debut EP "Montauk" on Kat Kat Records and hasn't stopped moving since. The band is comprised of members of other existing Philly jawns like Facts, Science Fair, and Trunks And Tales. The post-hardcore outfit is emerging from a scene filled with outright emo, hardcore, and punk bands, combining aspects of the aforementioned genres to craft their own sound.

Frontman and guitarist Daniel "Suit" Anderson's rough yet distinguished voice conveys the emotion found throughout the EP. I enjoy the wall of guitars present in the mix, and find the band did a great job capturing their live sound in the recordings. I've had the pleasure of seeing the band live on multiple occasions, one notable occasion at the IHOP Estate in North Philly. The popular D.I.Y. venue is actually run by Secret Plot's bassist Mark Walsh, and he busts his ass putting on great show after show.

The dynamics presented on "Montauk" range from spoken word vocals and palm muted guitars to frenetic walls of guitar and intense crashing cymbals. The band really knows how to keep listeners on their toes and I'm sure the new material will be even greater. While this EP was recorded with a traditional 2 guitar lineup, drummer Chris Palmer recently transitioned to third guitar. This lineup shift has allowed the band to have a powerful live sound that is something to behold in person.

I can't recommend any other Philly based band that is doing as much cool shit as these guys are right now. Not to mention that frontman Daniel Anderson and Mark Walsh run Kat Kat Records, which is really stepping up its game putting out some great albums as of late. "Montauk" is available as a name your price download on their bandcamp page.

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