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Senses Fail - Life is Not A Waiting Room

Kyle K.   (14 reviews)

Posted: 12/13/2008 | Comments: 1 | Rate:

Having never heard Senses Fail, I went into the CD optimistic this could turn out alright. Unfortunately, optimism is overrated and so is this band.

The band is confused as to whether or not they should be poppy and light or alt-rock heavy with run of the mill riffs. The vocals suck, the guitars suck, the lyrics suck, and the drums are just fair. No, wait, the drums aren't anything either.

Senses Fail is just like every other band you can hear on top 40 alt-rock stations. Whiny vocals about love and tragedy? Check. Mixed with pathetic growling vocals at some points? Check. Standard sounding punk-laced drum beats with occassional use of two bass pedals to legitimize any sort of "heavy" label? Check. Blend it altogether and the end result is flaming dog poo? Check.

The guitars seem mostly uninspired, even in slower songs where most bands might have a chance to add more melody and aim for some sort of emotional tie to the listener. Nothing there. Faster paced songs don't have any memorable riffage until the bridges where a neat solo will happen, but the solos don't even feel like they all fit the tone of the song.

Is there anything to like about this CD? Sure, if you're in 9th grade and being depressed and moody and showing it off by listening to this crap is some sort of artform or cultural statement...otherwise, not really.

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