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Shotblockers - Remember The Name

$teve grove   (39 reviews)

Posted: 10/11/2010 | Comments: 0 | Rate:

The Shotblockers are a collective of emcees of the hardcore variety. Not "hardcore" in the way Ice Cube was hardcore before he started driving around the children of girls he was trying to bang (at least I hope that was the plot for 'Are We There Yet?'), but hardcore in the sense that they won't hesitate to beat you down swarm style for looking at them sideways. At the same time its apparent that these dudes are down for a good time. Remember the Name is a collection of songs that feature members from the Shotblockers crew.

If you are a fan of hardcore you will probably recognize some of the names and will definitely know whats up when they start reppin' DMS. Essentially this is a mixtape sans the popular beats. Each emcee gets a chance to shine. Themes pretty much stay in the braggadocious realm (me and my crew are better than you and your crew) and life as a hardcore dude on the streets. My only complaint is that sometimes its hard to tell who is rapping. I listened to this in my car and without looking at the track list, it was pretty hard to tell who is on what track. Most of the Shotblockers have pretty similar flows and rhymes and some of the songs seem basically interchangeable.

Remember the Name is a good enough listen. I think it would be greatly to their advantage to hire on some (relatively) well known producers/beat makers. I'm sure the Shotblockers are respected enough to cop a Kick-drums or Jay Notes beat, or what about the Grizz Rock - Swizz Beatz connect? That shit would be fire. I can hear in my head DJ Drama going "G-G-G-G-Gangsta Grillz!!" in the background in the near future. Real Recognizes Real Records seems to have a lot on their plate this year, keep your eyes pealed.

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