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Static X - Cannibal

WREN   (346 reviews)

Posted: 01/11/2010 | Comments: 6 | Rate:

Static X. Now there is a name I haven’t heard of in a while and would have liked to have kept it that way. Cannibal is the bands 5th release in the 10 years they’ve been making music. This album landed in my lap a little late because they have since released an album since this 2007 recording.

I haven’t actually listened to Static X since their debut record, which I scored a promo copy of way in advance, back in 1999. I remember hearing the single Push It on some compilation and remember thinking that it reminded me a lot of something White Zombie would have done. Being a huge White Zombie fan, I gave into my lack of better judgment and actually purchased Wisconsin Death Trip. After only a few quick spins that mostly saw me only skimming tracks, the album went right to my CD shelf to collect dust for eternity or until I threw it out. It wasn’t until 2007’s free Ozzfest would I actually be subjected to listening to this band again. Lucky for me, there were a bunch of wild hogs in bikini tops mud moshing on the lawn of the Tweeter Center, so my attention was diverted from the atrocity on the stage to the one in the crowd.

Cannibal is a much better record than WDT was but that doesn’t say much. There are still hints of the J. Yuenger inspired guitar riffs but now Wayne Static appears to show the world that he has been listening to a lot of thrash metal as of late as very sporadically a solid guitar lick makes its appearance. Still keeping the industrial element as a very predominant fixture, there are a lot of times that I’m reminded of the Atari Teenage Riot throughout this disc.

With all the improvements that the band made, this is still nu-metal garbage. The positive things I just listed only show their faces a handful of times throughout the albums 12 tracks. The good parts cannot save all the bad and once again I was forced to listen to something that I wish I rather didn’t. How this band is still making music and holding onto fans is something I can’t comprehend. I thought that in 2009 Nu-Metal was dead and gone making way for cliché Deathcore and melodic metal core. I guess I’m wrong because bands like Static X are still selling records.

I can’t recommend this to anyone. The few decent parts here and there aren’t anything that you absolutely have to hear and it’s mixed in with such trash that I think even if they were some of the greatest riffs ever written, it would still be in your best interest to never listen to this record.

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vanilla gorilla
213,604 Posts
i applaud your effort to write an impartial review, lmao
Pulp Free
52,194 Posts
i'm feeling nice this morning.

but wait until i get to the Seether record.
Bad Debt
6,337 Posts
I hope wayne static chokes on his words like that drowning pool dude. Vommit will sufice.
vanilla gorilla
213,604 Posts
Originally posted by: WREN

i'm feeling nice this morning.

but wait until i get to the Seether record.

slam your dick in the car door, save yourself the pain
nah im alright
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Vodka Party
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You're bravery and cunning were both needed and available for this review. However, I loathe the fact that this album was written for you to write about it. Accolades are due based on perserverance alone.

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