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Stretch Armstrong - Free At Last

cbrickhouse   (1851 reviews)

Posted: 09/23/2005 | Comments: 9 | Rate:

Man did I ever used to like this band. They are some of the nicest dudes on earth, but they sure have fallen pretty hard down sellout hill. This is radio friendly rock that I'm sure will do nicely with kids that like crap. There are a few bright spots on this release but not enough to make me like it at all. I loved their first 4 releases immensely because they played fast good hardcore. The lyrics are still pretty much the same; positive and sincere... but the whole singing and screamign melodic rock thing is aggrevating as hell, since every other band on earth is doing it and will surely be beaten to death like the "alternative" of the 90's became mainstream.

Big ups to these guys if they can make a little money, but I think them making money could have been achieved without completely changing their sound and dissing their older fans, such as myself. Instead, I think I'll stick to "The Rituals Of Life", which will always be an amazing release.

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What a great band. It sucks to know that their material is taking a dive though. I really enjoy their stuff.
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highly dissapointing - i've listened to it a nubmer of times to see if i was missing something but I wasn't. A shame
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They diss their older fans? Fuck them if that's the case.
how am i not mysel
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I haven't heard this yet but Compassion Fills The Void and Rituals Of Life are 2 of my favorite albums ever. After that, they kinda started falling off with A Revolution Transmission, but it was still pretty good. I have Engage, but haven't even listened to it yet. I'm sorry to hear they've taken this bad of a turn for the worse.
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Click this to hear the whole album.

click here for link
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rituals was the best . but I have to say I'm a huge sas fan and I give them some respect on this album. They took it to another limit after alot of people believe they failed to complete on engage (which I personally didn't think was THAT bad of an album). It took me a couple listens to warm up to it but let alone for what they do now this is a great one. especially the vocals.
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Wow, thats sucks that they went downhill. I really liked all of their previous work. Oh well, another good band down the shitter.
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kinda reminds me of My Chemical Romance....

I havent heard their old stuff though, they played here a couple years ago, and people were going insane that they were coming to town, so.... they must be pretty good.
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i like a few of their songs

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