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Striking Back - The Restless EP

Jess.   (29 reviews)

Posted: 08/23/2010 | Comments: 2 | Rate:

Striking Back is built around a Seattle based singer named Jordan Thompson, previous member of Fighting for Nothing. According to sources that are most likely directly related to Thompson, Striking Back is "taking the music industry by storm". When asked about the band's name, Thompson replied, "the name represents my striking back at all the things that prevented me from writing the music I wanted, and sharing it with the world". His biography goes on to say that The Restless EP is extraordinary and allegedly long awaited, though I don't know by whom. Since I can't stand to read more of that ego-stroking fabrication, I might as well get into it.

I should probably start this review off by saying that, out of all of the reviewer staff this website has, I was probably the best chance this EP had at a good review, since I like pretty much everything and can generally at least find something I like about a band. That being said, let's get into it.

There isn't a single thing I like about this album. It's not that it is bad; it's just boring. Thompson's voice is nothing short of mediocre; there is literally nothing special about it. The best way I can describe it is that this album seems like it was one of the ones that they produce for ever single singer that makes the initial cut on American Idol; good enough to be put on national television for fourteen year olds, not good enough to make it past the first vote. Every song is about the same, sappy, woe is me feeling. Maybe I just have too good of a life to understand what it's like to want to just sit around and mourn past break ups all day, but this is nothing short of pathetic. Oh, I also love that they went ahead and did an acoustic version of "Dark Day Afternoon". The song was so bland, I was wondering if it could get anymore prosaic. Thank you for answering that question for me, Striking Back. Oh, and for those reading, the answer is yes, it could.

Usually I sum these things up with the type of audience the album would appeal to, so I guess I should stick with that. If you are fourteen, still dye your hair black and white and wear way too much eye shadow, be sure to buy The Restless EP. It will be a nice addition to your "I'm going to sit in my room and cry about how mean my parents are and why don't boys like me" playlist. If you don't fit that demographic, don't bother. Seriously.

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Pulp Free
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I saw the cover and went "yeesh" and then threw it in someone's box. Apparently that someone was you.
I have no legs!
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Seriously, that cover is fucking awful and you just know by looking at it that his bio would be exactly what Jess wrote. Dude looks like a total bag of dicks.

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