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Styles P - The Ghost Dub-Dime

$teve grove   (39 reviews)

Posted: 09/02/2010 | Comments: 0 | Rate:

I have always thought veteran of the game and former member of the L.O.X., Ruff Riders and D-Block associate, Styles P doesn't receive the credit he deserves. Hip hop heads and the underground love him, but he never really a breakout 'hit" to make it "big" in the mainstream. I mean fuck, the man was in a group with DMX and Jadakiss (not at the same time) so you know he has got to be the real deal.

Styles P has worked with many top producers on previous releases such as Swizz Beatz, Just Blaze, Alchemist and most recently DJ Green Lantern, however on this made for retail mixtape P opted to stick with some less known producers. Tyler Woods, Street Radio, Ceasar Productions and Don Joe split the production duties this time around which I think took away from the release. Although the beat selection is good on The Ghost Dub-Dime however there are no bangers . Just Blaze did some real hot shit on Eminem's new one and some of that production would have been very useful to Styles. No big name features, not even a Jadakiss verse is to be found here. This is pretty standard East Coast hip hop, no frills. Styles P is at his best when he can just go off, I'm far less of a fan of his "themed" songs. Although The Ghost Dub-Dime only has 12 tracks, there are still a few I could have done without. "That Street Life" and "The Beat Don't Stop" could have hit the cutting room floor.

All in all, the album has its moments. Its kind of a letdown when comparing it to the L.o.x. (or anything with Jada really). It has a pretty laid back feel for the most part with Styles P doing his regular hood life thing. Meh, not bad.

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