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Suicide Silence - The Cleansing

knifeandfacetragedy   (61 reviews)

Posted: 10/02/2007 | Comments: 35 | Rate:

This album is what happens when you break down a breakdown and then stretch it into an entire album. It's unoriginal, repetitive, uninspired and from what I can tell, the lyrics are kind of shitty too. Oh, and their name sucks.

So why the fuck can't I stop listening to them?

I think it's like seeing a retarded kid get really angry in public - I can't stop listening because I just don't know what kind of laughable absurdity is going to happen next. The back and forth vocals a la BDM continually break the monotony, and the bass drops and stupidly slow breakdowns keep it pretty interesting.

The shrill screams contrast with the squeals nicely and certain one-liners like "where's your fucking god now?" and "you coward..." are effective, albeit unoriginal, and the fantastic production values make the whole album sound good enough to pass as a metal album even though it's more like a compilation of breakdowns.

Maybe I need a break from being pummeled by BTBAM's creative genius in Colors or maybe I just am in the breakdown mood but something about this album makes it less than unbearable, meaning I'll probably listen to it pretty heavily for about two weeks before reverting to other more tasteful music. But for these two weeks, I should be moderately happy, which is better than if I had AIDS or something.

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I have no legs!
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shit band

pull the fucking trigger= 1 of the stupidest catch phrases ever
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I don't know what the fuck I was thinking giving this a 60/100 in technicality. I'd change it to about 25-30 if I could, just for the record.
I have no legs!
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band stinks
penis so hard
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not so bad, a bit like repeating itself, but i like vocals.
breeze 'em out
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The Winter's Wrath
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I've heard worse. There's a couple catchy parts.
righh righh
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trash, all these bands that get big because of myspace need to be obliterated, and soon.
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they got big before myspace's globalization of the world..

as repetitive as it is the music is not unspired
busta hymen
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Originally posted by: pudge

I've heard worse. There's a couple catchy parts.

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This is actually a really fun album to listen to because it's so absurdly heavy and thick with breakdowns, but they keep the metal alive as well. It's just not that creative or original, but other than that it's solid as hell.
I have no legs!
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Band is good for a few laughs.
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Hey Mark, thanks for your useful and provocative insight!
life = impossible
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that was the most indecisive review I've ever read. If you can't even decide how to feel about an album why are you even reviewing it?
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Hey Mark, when I review an album, I give it a realistic rating. And if you look at the overall score, it's a 57/100, which, like your high school grade in english class, is a high "F." I'm not going to give it a 10/100 and say "omfg this faggot shit is gay these girlpants faggots should fucking die."

If you want to read those reviews you can probably find plenty on other websites.
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And Schnell, before copy/pasting someone elses album review you might want to Google the term "copyright infringement." You probably feel pretty great about your Decibel go-get-my-coffee internship but that doesn't mean they're reviews/reviewers have a place here.

Besides, that review is fucking terrible. I don't care how much you've given up on music - if your job is to review albums, then fucking do it. Besides, those morons at Decibel said The Red Chord's "Clients" was a 9/10 or something. Fucking idiots.

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