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Syd Arthur - On And On

Crack Pie   (1926 reviews)

Posted: 07/23/2012 | Comments: 0 | Rate:

Here I go again. Claiming an album to review that has been sitting around the download pool for way too long just to get it done. This time I grabbed On And On by Syd Arthur.

I had an idea that this would be pretty outside of my hardcore/metal/punk world and I was exactly right. From the first notes of "First Difference", Syd Arthur establishes themselves as a band doing their own thing. Forgive my attempt at putting a genre label on this, but I'm going to have to call it pyschedelic folk. At times it feels right at home with rock/pop of the 60's and other times reminds me of Radiohead. Each song is mid to low tempo and has a disjointed jazzy feel. It sounds like a little too much going on when being described, but when you listen to its all done in good taste. It sounds way outside of my taste, but sounds pretty good through my speakers.

The vocals are the only drawback for me, and I actually like them about 80% of the time. They have a very raw sound and don't seem to be touched by production much, but that also seems to be what hinders them from time to time. Otherwise I've got no complaints.

I know you probably aren't looking for a relaxed yet funky psychedlic folk record, but if you are, give Syd Arthur a try.

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