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Take Action! - Vol 10

Crack Pie   (1930 reviews)

Posted: 06/12/2011 | Comments: 1 | Rate:

The Plea For Peace - Take Action compilations have been around for over a decade now, 2011 brings us the 10th edition. As expected, things have changed for this comp over the years. The name has been shortened to Take Action, the roster of bands has gotten much more radio friendly and there is less variety. The main sponsor is Hot Topic so it isn't very shocking, but like a lot of things in punk rock it just isn't the same as it used to be.

The album starts off with the obligatory PSA from Shane Told of Silverstein. From there the first music hits that is an exclusive track from Silverstein with Ryan Key of Yellowcard. While it was pretty unremarkable it set the predictable pace for these two discs. The only hope I had for this upon seeing the tracklist were the songs from Bayside and Polar Bear Club. Fortunately they do all they can to save this comp from dive bombing early. Four Year Strong follows with a tolerable track than things start to roll downhill with Life On Repeat. At this point I was already sick of pop punk. Then something happened when Twin Atlantics track started that I thought was impossible, I wished I was still listening to pop punk. I truly don't even know what the fuck it was. It sounded like Justin Beiber than turned into a repulsive six minute techno dance track. I had hopes that Circa Survive could help bring this thing back to life. That is when I realized I have wondered into a five song territory of remixes. Fuck. This is that fucked up music that makes those skinny jean wearing teenage boys confused into thinking they are bi-sexual. I understand now though, this horrible horrible horrible bullshit made me feel like I deserved to have a dick shoved in my ass. There is a remix from the band Iwrestledabearonce it made me feel so bad (good?) I put my girlfriends underwear on my dogs. Thank god she is at the beach, maybe I'll be back to normal before she gets back next week.

Disc One ends with a decent track from hardcore band Former Thieves, but is really the only redeeming quality aside from Bayside and Polar Bear Club.

On to disc two. It starts with a motherfucking Lady god damn Gaga cover. Skip button. An acoustic song that songs like something off of the A Walk To Remember soundtrack. Skip button. A song that sounds like Barney & Friends with maracas. But skipton. Jesus fucking Christ, why do all these singers sound like pre-pubescent girls. On top of that why do all of these acoustic songs sound like Taylor Swift throwaways.

I admit it. I didn't finish listening to this and I never will. I'll just stick to the original Take Action comp with Alkaline Trio, Hot Water Music, Shai Hulud, At The Drive-In, Good Riddance, Suicide Machines, Cave In etc. What a horrible way to spend my Sunday afternoon. I'm going to have to kill a lynx with my bare hands to feel like half the man I was before I heard this shit.

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mr. birthdaysex
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as always, your review is spot on.

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