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The Appleseed Cast - Low Level Owl Volume II

Yodel Toast   (4 reviews)

Posted: 04/27/2010 | Comments: 0 | Rate:

A follow up to Low Level Owl Volume I, this album follows a similar path and it seems apparent that although they were released separately, they were meant to be listened to together.

Same style as before, we start with View of a Burning City which is just another intro song with a soft melody that leads us into the first real track, Strings. There was probably more singing in this song than the whole first volume. And I really feel that this is an appropriate song for singing, I'd call Strings a quiet ballad, and it is very beautiful.

A Place in Line has that early indie-rock sound, very reminiscent of early Death Cab for Cutie, especially with the distant sounding vocals.

At this point in the album, I was pretty impressed. The songs have been an appropriate length and didn't seem as reaching as they were in Volume I.

Shaking Hands, is a quick little intro song and then we have Rooms and Gardens. What a worthwhile buildup, and finally too! I couldn't believe that the The Apple Seed Cast are capable of a longer song that doesn’t drag. (I was hoping for this)

Ring Out the Warning Bell has no singing, I think it was a nice change, and helps to break up the album.
With Sunset Drama King, I had to get past the stupid track title to give it a chance, and it wasn't that bad. Its more laid back and jazzy sounding which gives you that background music kind of feel. And that, can be good and bad. Good that it is nice and my mind can wander off while I listen to it, but bad because its not memorable enough that I'd stop what I was doing to really take in the song.

The Last In Line nother instrumental, playing it safe I suppose.
Decline starts out stronger than most of the other songs on the album, but is a disappointment because its only a few seconds long. It plays into The Argument which was kinda dragging, but nothing really special about it. Another background song, I'd say the same for Reaction and Confession.
Both are forgettable. The album didn't end as strong as it started in my opinion.

Again, I'm being extra critical because I know how good they have come to be since releasing this album and I expect more. But this is a good beginning. Definitely a good album for chilling and relaxing. Less ambient sounding than Volume I for sure.

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