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The Appleseed Cast - Middle States (EP)

Shostakovich   (109 reviews)

Posted: 05/16/2011 | Comments: 1 | Rate:

A favorite band of the indie-emo crowd, and yet another that I haven't heard in over a decade. I'm sure for many people Appleseed Cast need no introduction, but as I am wholly out of touch with the emo scene I'll briefly mention these guys have been at it for almost 15 years now, churning out classic epic sounding 90's style emo.

This new EP is a little more "out there" than I remember them being. With 2000's Mare Vitalis they were already writing slow, catchy, lengthy tunes, but by 2011 they seem to have upped the bar for themselves. Two songs, separated by a feedback laden interlude, clock in at over 5 minutes each, with the last epic track standing proud at over 14 minutes.

The two 5 minute songs are very somber and melodic, with some complex layering of chord and single note guitar passages and light vocals buried under the blanket of music. I would have liked to hear the vocals more I suppose, but I also appreciate the use of the voice as a 5th, equal instrument. It's not in the same ballpark, but it reminds me of the ethos of the black metal band Emperor, who I recall intentionally making the same efforts in the vocal department.

"Three Rivers" is the 14 minute track. Essentially an instrumental that flows up and down dynamically the whole time, it's pretty nice to listen to, and very relaxing. This EP is a great one to break out the headphones for.

I'm not sure if or how this is getting release, but the copy I got came with a jpeg of a Graveface Records poster made out to look like a Garbage Pail Kids card. It's awesome.

If this were a longer record with more real songs, I could give it a higher score, but I do not feel the lower score should detract a potential listener. This is a fine record.

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The shy retirer
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Looking forward to getting my copy.

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