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The Emo Diaries: Chapter 12 - I Love You, But In The End I Will Destroy You

Maryland Matt   (180 reviews)

Posted: 02/07/2011 | Comments: 2 | Rate:

When I was a young and tender 'Maryland Matt' in the late 1990's... I would gobble up any comp that a label would put out. I loved comps mostly due to the fact that I was eager to hear new things. There are a few compilations that were instrumental in guiding me along the musical path that I have walked since then. Among them are Victory Style 2, Punk-O-Rama 2... and most importanly, In Flight Program (Revelation Records).

I picked up In Flight Program because it had a Gorilla Biscuits and Judge song on it... but it introduced me to bands like Sense Field, Farside, Into Another and Texas Is The Reason. These four bands all claim a spot in my heart for how they hit me when I first heard them as they were really my first taste of emotionally driven indie rock.

As sad as it is to me to really think about it... I have really fallen off when it comes to keeping up with modern emo bands. Obviously I don't mean what todays youth is claiming emo to be, but the true representation of current emo. 'The Emo Diaries: Chapter 12' is certainly carrying that torch.

There are many bands on this release that could have easily been cut from the same cloth as bands like Sense Field, Chamberlain or Farside. There are even some that are blazing their own trail in a genre that I honestly considered to be long dead.

I would have given this a higher score, but some of the tracks just drift into the background and don't really jump out at you. All in all, I was pleasantly surprised to find that real emo is alive and well. Bands like Dedicated to Dedications, Collapse Under The Empire and Ease the Medic are really keeping hope alive. Give this comp a spin if you are or ever have been a fan of true emo.


Although instrumental, I found this to be my favorite track on the comp.

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Collapse Under the Empire is great.
Duke Earl
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deep elm are generally on the ball when it comes to these sorts of jams .. i've only heard 2 of the bands on this compilation too

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