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The Flatliners - Monumental 7"

Elliot   (18 reviews)

Posted: 09/29/2010 | Comments: 1 | Rate:

So "Monumental" is the next single off of this past April's "Cavalcade". This is only a three song 7" featuring the title track "Monumental" and two unreleased tracks from the Cavalcade sessions. The B side tracks "Christ Punchers" and "Cut Your Teeth" are mid-tempo Lawrence Arms style of rocking that the second half of "Cavalcade" really showcases. These two new tracks are just as great as anything on "Cavalcade" and it is no wonder that Chris and the gang picked "Monumental" for this EP or single or 7" or whatever people are calling this. Monumental is a good song and it goes nice with the other two tracks.

This is another release to add to the collection. This band has really blown up this year and I will be watching and listening for this band in years to come. If you like "Cavalcade" or their previous efforts you should help out the band and pick this up or download it, I posted the thread containing the link. This band rules.

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