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The Project Hate MCMXCIX - Hate, Dominate, Congregate, Eliminate

cbrickhouse   (1851 reviews)

Posted: 08/28/2004 | Comments: 7 | Rate:

Damn, I just realised that every song by this band is longer than 7 minutes. That leaves a lot of room for them to get boring... but they don't. I am grasping for straws trying to figure out what to call these guys... but they are awesome, that's all I know. The vocals and guitarwork say metal... but they have shitloads of techno interludes, creepy female vocals, and keyboard work... this is a very interesting and dark release. and with lyrics like "There ainĀ“t enough holy water in this world to cleanse me" and "I'll rape your soul a thousand times" - how can they go wrong? This shit is sick, that's all i know.

They manage to mix brutal and symponic and melodic... creating a tribunal of wonderful music stylings blended together with the final result being this amazing album. The songwriting is quite complicated... and it's no suprise, seeing as how they have all these different instruments. I must say the use of the keyboards layered over the guitarwork is well done, as well as the female clean vocals... it just adds to the entity that is The Project Hate.

If you're looking for something different and interesting... this is one for you.

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11,194 Posts
sounds very interesting, i'm going to check this out.
vanilla gorilla
213,691 Posts
it IS very interesting. and very good.
Is a Fuck-up
2,184 Posts
It's alright, not my kind of music.
11,194 Posts
wow, this album is really good.
2,477 Posts
fucking solid
vanilla gorilla
213,691 Posts
yeah it is
I have no legs!
33 Posts
Yeah. I like this shit.

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