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The Queers - Back to the Basement

Walktheblock   (4 reviews)

Posted: 11/16/2010 | Comments: 4 | Rate:

One of the first shows I ever went to was to see the Queers. Their van broke down and they were late, but despite this they put on one of the best live sets I have ever seen. Joe Queer and the band line up at the time played fast, loud, and with a ton of intensity. Their new record, Back to the Basement captures this same spirit of what punk should be.

The record starts out with an instrumental track, and is followed up by the title track. Back to the Basement is a near perfect pop-punk track, it’s got catchy riffs, drums and lyrics. This song sets the tone for the rest of record and none of the following tracks disappoint. Back to the Basement reminds me most closely of Love Songs for the Retarded; it balances short, fast and crude songs like Tit Fuck and I Knew GG When He Was a Wimp, with more pop flavored fair like Outta My Skull and Everyday Girl. This mix keeps things from getting stale and makes the record something you can just throw on repeat and never get bored listening to.

To top all of this off is the cover of White Minority by Black Flag. I am typically not a fan of cover songs, but this cover captures the spirit and sound of the original so well, I like it just as much as the source material. It has the same gritty 80s hardcore feel, which is something few bands today could manage to ever capture. One thing I’ve always enjoyed about listening to the Queers, is that the songs are about every day bullshit almost everyone deals with, and addresses it with a witty fuck you attitude. Back to the Basement delivers on that front, and it has quickly become one of my favorite Queers records.

If you really like pop punk I would definitely recommend picking it up ASAP, if you’re not a die-hard punk fan it is still worth checking out. This is my favorite record of the year so far, and it is nearly perfect. Joe Queer and crew really pulled out all the stops to make one of the best pop punk records to come out in a long time. It’s got a good mix of everything you would expect from a Queers record and it all comes together for a great experience. Pick this record up.

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Born to Expire.
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show was a fun time.
I have no legs!
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Joe Queer is a radass dude!!! Long Live The Queers!!!
doe dubbla
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Havent heard it yet but this is the only positive review of it on the net
I Saw The Apeman
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I liked it. I don't know what everyone else was looking for out of it

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