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The Skoogie Boys - Devil Knows Your Name

Gisty   (56 reviews)

Posted: 12/22/2010 | Comments: 0 | Rate:

This five song e.p is the first release from Kerava/Helsinki, Finland natives The Skoogie Boys. The band worked very hard in preperation of this record in mid 2010 at it's conception. There is no mistaking them for a clean cut group of individuals that spend their time doing anything but causing a commotion. At first listen to Devil Knows your Name you realize that Skoogie boys make it easy to enjoy their sound and draw you in wanting more. They do a very good job of mixing old school punk,street,and folk which gives you a different sound on pretty much every track.
For their first release im not sure what direction they ultimately chose to go or if they even had a concept.

I didn't care, I enjoyed this listen all the way through and there are a few reasons why. When "Devil Knows Your Name" started I was impressed what had been done here with the overall sound and recording quality of this band without pulling any punches. By the time "Public Enemy No.2" kicked off I found myself really getting into this record. It goes from three minutes of folky punk ballad in the first track to just over a minute long smash you in the face spree of fierce punk rock with awesome backing vocals to boot. "Turn The Tables Around" strikes me as the crowd favorite which would have you singing along at a Skoogie Boys show with beer in hand. "Here Today" gives you a better look at the musicianship with a few good guitar hooks and lead parts.

This album ends on a very good note with the final song "Back To Home" Which gives you the similar feeling of track three. If I had to select a favorite song it was Public Enemy No.2 With that being said,this was a very good first release for a group that could easily hold their own when compared to some U.S. bands of similar sound. I can only hope they get to the states for a tour so I have a chance to catch them live. I also see this rotating into my regular music playlist because of how much I enjoyed it. Give em a shot and you might do the same.

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