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Three Thirteen - Full Tilt

Shostakovich   (109 reviews)

Posted: 05/11/2011 | Comments: 0 | Rate:

After finishing this record, I'm still having an internal debate regarding how seriously to take it, or not. Everything is so over the top and preposterous it's rather hard to pick it apart and differentiate between schtick and reality.

Essentially what we have here is another entry in the world of "metal" dudes doing a garage rock side project, ostensibly to just have fun and "rock out" carefree. Being that I had to do a bit of research to find out whether the band was called "313/Three Thirteen" or "Full Tilt", I stumbled upon the singer's old death metal band that he left to form Three Thirteen. I had never even heard of them, and their page was rife with bad photoshopped skulls, Hot Topic endorsements, and a less than stellar cover of "Hammer Smashed Face". Given that information, things did not bode well for Three Thirteen in my mind.

The first thing to catch your eye is the packaging of "Full Tilt". It is literally jam packed with too many ironic rock cliches to even list. Nods to classic metal albums, muscle cars, drag racing, pinball, naked go-go girls in cowboy hats, long haired metal guys making metal faces, a label warning that "contents may explode!", even a free sticker. The CD itself is made to look like a vinyl record, and even parodies the old Casablanca Records center label that KISS used to use in the 70's. Most of the points in this review come directly from this absurd packaging to be honest.

Once you get to the music it's easy to be a little underwhelmed. This kind of lo-fi garage rock has been played into the ground a lot over many many years. Each song is kind of like "Rocket 88" on meth and Jager. Some have some decent melodies which aid in listening ("One For The Road"), but most just drag on forever ("City Of Devils", which has a video as silly as the artwork). Sound clips include the standard blaxploitation movie quotes, police sirens, pinball noises and porno moans. Didn't see that coming.

Again, if I knew these guys and could gauge exactly how serious they mean this to be, I could let them off the hook for a few things. But even as ironic parody, the music just isn't nearly as impressive as the image promises, leading me to default to saying "meh..." and passing this one by for greener pastures.

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