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Thrice - Major/Minor

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Posted: 09/05/2011 | Comments: 5 | Rate:

Anyone who has been following Thrice over the past decade has probably noticed a slight decline when it comes to their ability to write amazing song after amazing song. That can be expected of any band though, and shouldn't be held against them. Having said that, "Artist And The Ambulance" was probably their last fully epic and breath-taking release. With "Major/Minor" it appears as if Thrice is trying to return to their roots and yet create something completely different in the process. And it worked.

Being a fan of Thrice, I've grown accustomed to what I expect to hear. And although "Major/Minor" has a majority of the elements that makes Thrice Thrice, it feels more... catchy. Not catchy in the way that most bands try to cater towards a more radio-friendly sound. Just more complete. More cohesive. Solid.

Tracks such as "Yellow Belly" and "Blinded" have a distinct Soundgarden vocal feel to them. Sort of the way Chris Cornell croons and wails all at the same time. "Cataracts" on the other hand has the musical taste a la Frodus, whom Thrice have covered "The Earth Isn't Humming" on their Alchemy album. But by far my favorite track has to be "Disarmed" (with "Call It In The Air" a close second.) Both of these tracks speak volumes and are what I expect when it comes to Thrice. Amazing.

Is this the second coming of Thrice? Could very well be. This entire album is beyond my expectations. And more importantly there isn't one track that's unlistenable. I just hope they keep it up.

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nah im alright
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i like every thing after artist.
just got this album the other day.
i was into it.

i dont think enough people give this band a chance.
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Means to an end
13,569 Posts
Alchemy Indexes are my favorite releases, easily.

Will listen, regardless.
Shark City
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Ill probably check this out.
Duke Earl
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Artist in the ambulance was the last of their stuff i really enjoyed and I listened to that yellow belly tune and it did nothing for me - i should try giving the whole thing a chance though, based on this review

PS - a few years ago, this thread would've been filled with posts like this:


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