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Ugly Colors - Perfect As We Are

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Posted: 04/20/2010 | Comments: 4 | Rate:

Rising from the ashes of their previous moniker, Eli Keller, Portland, Oregon's Ugly Color's have created a sound that blends the technical tapping guitar work of Minus The Bear and This Town Needs Guns with a more pop vocal feel with their debut CD, "Perfect As We Are."

The first thing you'll notice upon listening to "Perfect As We Are" is how insanely catchy it is. Ugly Color's have taken their time in writing some of the catchiest hooks I've ever heard. I've honestly listened to this CD a good five times straight and each time I find something else I like about it. They easily grab your attention and beg you to listen to them, over and over again.

Lyrically, Ugly Color's singer Daniel Harbold croons about girls, lonliness and everything inbetween while sounding almost like a cloned version of Park's lead singer, Ladd. (Which in my opinion is a huge compliment, considering I love me some Park.) I really can't find anything worth complaining about when it comes to the musicianship of this band. This is a very solid release and an even more impressive debut. I see this band becoming a mainstay in the genre.

Vocally impressive and very laid back, this CD should find constant rotation in many a genre's die-hard fan's playlists.

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Duke Earl
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this shit rules .. listening to it now
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I really, really like this cd.
I have no legs!
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tour now!!!!!!
Rock Pop Hook Fest
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Every track is a rock-pop gem. Each song is different from the rest. The lyrics are catchy, engaging, thoughtful. They definitely tell a story. The musicianship is superb. The guitars are multi layered with wonderful tonal qualities and a nice balance of clean and over-driven intensity. The riffs are very unique, masterfully performed and in some instances borderline on the "jazzy" side. The drum and bass lines are also excellent. The voice is top notch, the vocals are filled with emotion and the singer employs some very appealing nuances to his delivery. I would say this release is destined to be a classic.

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