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Victims - A Dissident

Shostakovich   (109 reviews)

Posted: 04/23/2011 | Comments: 4 | Rate:

Let me tell you, if you wanna circle pit while stinking up a storm, this is your band. Victims does not mess around in the least.

Victims is from Sweden and plays absolutely manic crustcore with pages directly stolen from all the typical bands....Motorhead, Discharge, Aus Rotten, Doom, Disrupt, Anti Cimex; all are represented here in glorious fashion.

The one thing I noticed right away is the grimy guitar sound. It's not possible to play this kind of music without sounding like you use your guitar cab for knife throwing practice in between gigs. The sound is off the wall loud and grungy and obnoxious. Guitars definitely take up more than 50% of the wall of noise on this disc.

I really can't say any of this record is surprising, or revolutionary, or even sounds all that much different song to song. Aside from a couple of rockish Entombed parts, this is full speed ahead D-Beat at its best. The surprisingly catchy lyrics and melodies help it stand out some (for example, try getting "Bringing Me Down" out of your head for a good hour or two). Some of these tracks you could even strip out the grime and pass them off as classic Ramones.

As good as this record is, I have the feeling the live show is really where its at with these guys. Dingy punk basements and warehouses packed to the brim with the scummiest punk rockers you could dig up would do this music great justice.

Top spots: "Broken Bones", "Waiting For Shadows", and especially "Bringing Me Down".

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I have their split with From Ashes Rise and liked it. I'll give this a listen.
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It's good but I liked Killers more.
Playin fast
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It's good but I liked Killer more.
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Great album cover.

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