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Windfaerer - Solar

cbrickhouse   (1851 reviews)

Posted: 07/08/2012 | Comments: 0 | Rate:

There are a few things that will blow you out of your seat when listening to this album.

A) they are from NEW JERSEY, AMERICA.
B) this is supposed to be an EP.

With a running time around 35 minutes, I would barely call this an EP. And if you didn't know they were from America, you would assume they are from Norway, Finland, Sweden, or Iceland. Because this sure as fuck doesn't sound like metal that comes from America.

As soon as you put this album on, the temperature in the room you are currently in will drop 60 degrees, and you will feel the overwhelming sense that perhaps you shouldn't have decided to trek into the northlands with these strange, bearded men on horses. Hold your sword close, for you know not where this adventure will take you.

You are instantly transported to a land where the internet and anything more technological than a saddle simply does not exist. The melodic elements are essentially the only thing that keeps this from being a straight up black metal album, and I know that I for one appreciate bands that are so great at transcending the many confusing sub-genres that pollute the world of metal.

They manage to turn a 7 song album into an epic masterpiece with the tempo changes, and the way that they screamingly flawlessly engineer atmosphere that makes you feel like you're in a viking film. Simply put, this album is absolutely freaking amazing. It has every single element of metal that I enjoy. Viking themes, melody mixed with brutality, properly placed solos, folk interludes, and vocals that I would compare most similarly to Emperor. Unlike a lot of the folk metal bands, they don't have an overload of "heaviness" (which of course, I also enjoy), they seem to concentrate on their craft as storytellers as well as the fine tuned riffage that is rarely repetitive or predictable, to say the least.

As a lot of regular members of the site know, I have drawn myself away from doing reviews because I tend to either be super harsh or super fanboy. I can say without a doubt that this band deserves all the accolades I am bestowing on them for this album, because it is technically almost flawless. This is everything I look for in a metal album of this sort, and it seems that bands like this have fallen off in the past few years. Well in my opinion as long as a few albums of this caliber come out every few years, I will be satisfied. This is absolutely spectacular.

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