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Wisdom in Chains - Die Young

John Barlow   (14 reviews)

Posted: 09/24/2005 | Comments: 17 | Rate:

This is the most relieving album I've gotten my hands on this year. Here is a band overflowing with members of your favorite hardcore outfits (ie. Krutch, Out to Win/Mushmouth, The Ninth Plague), and they are pumping out their own genuine brand of hardcore. They do not rely on the breakdowns and cliches so many bands today can't seem to escape. This is good old-fahioned, melodic hardcore with a myriad of catchy sing-alongs and a prevalent punk influence.

One of the more unique qualities of the band is Mad Joe Black's vocal styling. This guy isn't just barking into a mic. He's got a raunchy voice but he carries a tune at the same time. The lyrics actually have content behind them. Some tracks really make you think after listening to them, and some are just plain fun. "Fighting in the Streets", for example, would make Gandhi want to punch a nun in the throat. I couldn't get the chorus out of my head for weeks after getting the CD. The title track, "Die Young", also contains a great sing-along that will invoke many future pile-ons.

Tony [Meltdown] provides some seriously shredding solo throughout the CD. It's nice to hear this sort of thing on a hardcore disc, especially when it's tasteful and well placed.

This shit is must-have.

They have posted 4 tracks from 'Die Young' on their Myspace page:

....or you can just take my word for it and visit the Spook City USA website to get a copy of your own:

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east bay grease
68,058 Posts
The few songs I've heard off this album have been way good

I might have to take an unprecedented move and order this off Spook City
5,780 Posts
holy shit, I just listened to a couple of their songs and now I can't stop. Great stuff.
5,314 Posts
By far my new favorite band, I listen to the cd once through at least once a week.
Vodka Party
17,778 Posts
Fuckin' A right it's good.
11,858 Posts
one of the best hardcore cds to come out in awhile.
18,467 Posts
so good. so fun. they should be big.
FTW Champion
20,619 Posts
So good.
13,432 Posts
i used to jock them like crazy a while ago i dont feel em as much now even kno they didnt change if anything got better
26,790 Posts
I haven't gotten this release yet, but I definitely have high expectations. What I've heard is very solid.
I have no legs!
88 Posts
This is one of the best CD's to come out in a long time, I can't get enough of it and they're also amazing live. And if you don't have their first CD you should pick that up too
3 Posts
I saw these guys live at the oakland cafe in pittsburgh and it was off the chain. mad joe is sick and the bfl bands are a force to be reckoned with. DIE YOUNG is an instant classic
afam / aasr 32°
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i enjoy this cd
Vodka Party
17,778 Posts
Originally posted by:Jimbodeeny

This is one of the best CD's to come out in a long time

I have no legs!
6,202 Posts
the mp3 was pretty decent
25 Posts
fuckin awesome Cd I love it

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