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With Open Force - Light Shows Who I Am

Jeremy DeLa   (32 reviews)

Posted: 07/05/2009 | Comments: 0 | Rate:

I'm going to put it as bluntly as possible when talking about Puerto Rico's With Open Force "Light Shows Who I Am" EP... and with that, i am going to say that this band is comprised of two main elements: One being Christianity, and the other being extremely well written heavy hardcore. When i say heavy, that is the understatement of the century.

There is one thing about the CD that i am not particularly fond of, and that's the opening "hip-hop" beat for the first track. After that though, it's all heavy til the end baby. The music is fast, crushing, angry, powerful, and simply relentless. At many points it reminded me of Cold as Life and A Death for Every Sin, so if you are familiar with those bands, you know the type of heavy sound you should be expecting. Fast snare hits, double bass that will annihilate your ear drums, and breaks that will have you punching out your car windows while driving down the highway jamming out.

The songs are definitely metal-influenced hardcore... there's no doubt about that. There are so many change-ups that are so well done in these songs you won't have a problem ever getting bored. The problem, maybe, will be you keeping up with it all. The way this album is recorded, again, definitely reminds me of A Death for Every Sin; everything that could possibly be heavy, is heavy. The guitar tones are deep and bone-crushing; the drums are loud, defined, and original; The bass is turned up to give the music the backbone it needs; and the vocals... well good lord, they're absolutely brutal without sounding like that bullshit going on in a lot of midwest christian metalcore bands... you know, the one where the dude obviously has the voice tone of a 12 year old yet is trying to pull off the low growl. Not here, not anywhere in this recording.

I mentioned this band is also about Christianity. I am no a religious dude but i also have no beef with people expressing their beliefs and what they're all about. Most of the lyrical content is about Christian-related topics, but honestly when i was reading through them, they're not so in-your-face as most Christian bands are, which is a real big plus in my book, as i am a firm believer of the theory that you should not push your beliefs onto other people.

In the end, you simply cannot pass up this cd. The fact that they are a Christian band should not sway a single one of you if you are a "non-believer" simply because the music itself is something you shouldn't look passed... and hey, if you are a Christian, well then more power to you and now you have an extra reason to check out this band immediately. Listen to the tracks on their myspace, and get ready to bang your damn head. As always, if you like what you hear, don't be an asshole... BUY THE ALBUM!

"When are these guys coming to the states?" is the only question on my mind now when regarding these fellas... maybe the record label will have an answer soon? only time will tell. until then, this cd will just have to do.

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