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Wrong Answer - The World Is Empty

Rob_Shameless   (12 reviews)

Posted: 03/11/2011 | Comments: 2 | Rate:

If you where wondering how Buck County's Wrong Answer could get any better "The World Is Empty" is the answer. They just took it up to a whole new side of evil and pissed. The title track has one of the heaviest intros I have heard all year. along with great lyrics like "I am no customer in the land of merchants. I am charmer in the world of serpents."

"The World is Empty" is a a great follow up to Their 2009 demo "The Wrong Way". The only thing that is a let down is that the record is only eight minutes long and only four tracks. You would hope they would have made a long one seeing the last record was only five tracks and twelve minutes long.

Nonethe less this 7" is one of the best records of 2010. It definitely made my top ten best records of the year. What ever these boys are doing they are doing it right. This record shows that they can constantly put out great music.

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I have no legs!
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Great record, band is doing work
cubic time cube
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Nobody who reads this review would be motivated to buy the record or even listen to the band.

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