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Wrong Answer - The Wrong Way

Rob_Shameless   (12 reviews)

Posted: 03/11/2011 | Comments: 2 | Rate:

"The Wrong Way" is Wrong Answer's demo from 2009. Now finally out on wax thanks to Philly's hardest label Harvcore Records. This record is a great first taste of this amazing band hailing from Bucks County. With a sample from a late 90's amine series setting the tone for this record. You know it is going to be evil, hard, and pissed off about everything around you.

Wrong Answer has easily become one of my favorite bands on Harvcore. This record comes out of the gate swinging. It is every thing you want in a hardcore record pure girt and no fluff. There are no chug chug breakdowns here folks. Just good old fashion hardcore.

I can not get enough of this band. This record makes me wreck some fools. Justin Ogden has some of the best vocals and lyrics I have heard in a while. Wrong Answer is definitely one of the bands keeping Philly hardcore alive and well. If you do not pick up this 7" a crippled midget will be your worst dream come true of everything you where ever afraid of.

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