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You, Me, And Everyone We Know - Somethings Don't Wash Out

Jess.   (29 reviews)

Posted: 10/09/2010 | Comments: 2 | Rate:

James Brown is dead, so what's the point in pretending any of us still have some kind of soul?

This week we are featuring Washington D.C. bred band You, Me, And Everyone We Know in anticipation of the October 12th release of their first studio full - length Somethings Don't Wash Out. With two independent EPs under their belt and a lot of band member turnover since their formation in 2006, I was hoping this release wouldn't be all over the place. Their previous EPs were well received, though, so I had hope and You, Me, And Everyone We Know once again delivers.

Though Somethings Don't Wash Out's first two tracks seems to contradict themselves by following "This is a fuck you to ____ who told me I should lose weight" with "I'm losing weight for youuuu", this album is solid from start to finish. Liebsch's vocals are on point; clean, tight, while avoiding the generic pop tone. In a few songs his voice resembles that of Max Bemis of Say Anything fame. The band is incredibly melodic, but differs from your typical pop punk band by adding trumpet and keyboard to add a bit of a ska sound. It's rare that I like every song on a release, but this is one of those times. They switch it up from track to track, so you get something different but equally good as the album progresses. The title track, "Somethings Don't Wash Out" is flawless. Other songs I particularly loved were "James Brown is Dead" and "A Little Bit More". I've been listening to this album so much since I got my hands on it, I could probably sing a long to each song. This is borderline obsession.

I can't think of a single person who wouldn't enjoy Somethings Don't Wash Out. Everyone should be on the edge of their seats for it's release this upcoming week because it is going to be an instant favorite. Don't miss out.

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This band is great. Want this album as soon as it comes out.
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looking forward to it

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