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Zao - The Funeral Of God

cbrickhouse   (1851 reviews)

Posted: 06/28/2004 | Comments: 72 | Rate:

I was really holding out hope that Zao would come up with something new that would blow everyone out of the water by doing something original. I was wrong. This is every song they've previously written, hashed and rehashed to death.

I have been following this band since "All Else Failed" and "Splinter Shards...", and personally think their best release is "Where Blood and Fire Bring Rest" - but everything they have done after "Liberate Te Ex Inferis" has been stale and generic.

There are a few brights spots on this CD, but for the most part I don't think I'll ever bother listening to anything besides "Where Blood..." by Zao again.

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i'm the asshole
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Yeah, I lost interest in that band after Save Yourself from Hell as well. Like I've been saying, they shoulda stayed broken up like 2 or 3 reunions ago, haha.
you sucked 37 dick
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christian hardcore is fag
Your Mom
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you are fag. christain hardcore is the shiznit
Floating Boy Media
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this is better than the last two efforts
gutter butter
11,776 Posts
i haven't heard it all but it sounds like they are doing something different. more metal maybe?
righh righh
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I like Zao, but I just don't think this is one of thier better albulms
19,323 Posts
well im still going to get this cd, yeah im sure its going to better than their last 2 cds
Captain America
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the new cd sucks.
life is gawbage
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i'm just glad it's nothing like Parade of Chaos
music promotions
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the cd is growing on me, but it is the worst cd with Dan.... I saw them with misery signals and they were incredible though.
new cocks
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i heard metal jesse loves zao and all christian metal/hardcore/whatever.
Floating Boy Media
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i don't think i would run out and see them
Not even for you.
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bullshit fuckin christian wank
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While the music isn't quite up to par with "Liberate Te Ex Inferis" and "Where Blood and Fire Bring Rest", it's better than the last couple of outings, and the overall concept is pulled off rather well.
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Originally posted by:Team Eat Face

Originally posted by:savedbygrace

this is better than the last two efforts


eh, I disagree.

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