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isis - in the absence of truth

afterHOURS   (2 reviews)

Posted: 09/07/2006 | Comments: 0 | Rate:

this is my first review so be gentle. It has been about 2 years since isis released the mammoth panopticon. After that album i though they could not possibly top themselfs, Well this album proved me wrong. At first i knew i enjoyed the record but did'nt grasp it completly. After 4 or 5 lisens it hits you that this is isis' best material to date. unlike panopticon "absence" takes a little to get into things which is a good change of pace. Tracks like "wrists of kings" and "over root and thorn" take a much softer post rock path. Other tracks such as " holy tears" and "not in rivers, but in drops" are set along a toolish prog and sludge direction. On this record Aaron uses his clean vocals about 70 percent of the time. Some might see this as a problem but his voice has matured over leaps and bounds. But his rasspy growls are still used and placed in excellent spots. Drummer Aaron Harris shows off some more of his ability with unexpected bursts of double bass and his frequent but not overused danny carey inspired tribal roles. Altogether this album works very well and should please most fans of isis others will bash it for its softer sound or even call it a boring album. But if isis stay this corse their next album will be crushing

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