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mc chris - Race Wars

Travis Fry   (128 reviews)

Posted: 09/07/2011 | Comments: 1 | Rate:

I have been a fan of mc chris for years now and have anticipated the release of all his albums since. I had followed him on Facebook and saw how excited he was getting with each song he would finish and how much he wanted to show his fans. This built up the anticipation with the artist actually excited about his new music.

"Congo" opens the album. A skit with characters he had introduced on previous records talking about a fictional movie named Race Wars. It was funny and familiar yet easy enough to join as a new listener. The first song was just ok. It was mc chris but really let me down a bit. The next couple songs were mediocre with each of the skits being really good. Most of the skits are about this group but the final skit with Mr. Chandler is always the high point of the skits. Also there is a fake trailer for "Ninja Mom." Last time he did this it was the title of the next album(which is this one) so maybe it was a hint to the title of the next album.

The track "Nerd Cave" started the album in the right direction. It has a groovy beat and his rapping is done awesome, although the chorus was a little lacking. "Tarrantino" followed as a great track with some more great beats and rapping. This is where the album really starts. As the album progresses each song gets better and better with very maybe one song at the end that wasn't very good.

"Part One" is the best track on the whole album. This was an instant classic about Batman. With great references and a really solid beat I find it hard for anybody to not like this. It was a great decision to end on an extremely high note.

This is an mc chris album. Fans will eat it up and haters will hate. It wasn't his greatest work but it is a solid album and nice to hear some new tracks by mc chris as well as one of the best tracks he has ever written("Part One.") Is it worth listening to? Hell yeah! Anything by mc chris is worth listening to but if you haven't heard him before there are better albums to start with.

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hadn't heard about this. awesome.

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