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The Hooters - Five by Five

Ron Shark   (229 reviews)

Posted: 01/30/2011 | Comments: 6 | Rate:

Most people remember this band as solely an 80s band with a few hits. They had Day by Day and one of my favorite songs from that decade And We Danced. Those days are far removed and they're certainly not as popular as they were back then. I was surprised a few years ago or so to see that they were playing shows again and even releasing a new full length.

Five by Five is their newest offering. As the name suggests, it's an EP of 5 songs by 5 guys. The band originally incorporated rock, reggae, and folk. They blended these sounds quite well to gain commercial success. On this ep there seems to be a more straight forward approach to folk.

The album is very honest. It truly just seems like 5 guys getting together and doing what they love. It's nice to see a band that once was HUGELY popular, went on hiatus, and come back to what they did best. The music is quite solid and took me be surprise. I went into it with a little apprehension expecting to hear a band trying hard to reclaim their glory days. Well, that's not the case at all. It's just a very sincere folk rock ep from a band that has clearly played together for a long time, it just sounds natural. Now, this certainly isn't any groundbreaking material, but I truly don't believe that's what they were going for.

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Pulp Free
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I wish I saw your face when you opened your package to see this in there.

I'm glad you actually reviewed it.
Bird watcher
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they played the grape room about 2 moths was nice to do sound for super pro musicians. they were really good. place was packed...i mean 150 people packs the place sooo...great tone and understanding of stage volume. 99% of bands have no idea what they are doing when it comes to stage volume. they do more damage to their own mix then i could ever do.
Yes, We know...
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Zombies. Best song
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Good review.
I have no legs!
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Originally posted by: WREN

I wish I saw your face when you opened your package to see this in there.

I'm glad you actually reviewed it.

I had a little smirk. I actually enjoyed the band's earlier stuff and had no clue this ep existed.
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