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The Decay & Wayfarer - Decayfarer Split

WREN   (346 reviews)

Posted: 06/05/2011 | Comments: 0 | Rate:

It’s been 15 months since I received new material from The Decay and I’d be lying if I didn’t say I was fiending for it like a junkie looking for his fix. With little to no expectations, last year I was completely blown away by the band’s full length This Month’s Rent. A concoction of equal parts Bouncing Souls, Avail, Social Distortion, and Rancid all wrapped up into one of top 10 records of last year. It was simple in nature but they seem to write all the right notes at the right time and I’ve been hooked ever since that first listen.

Well finally my wait is over and these punk rockers from Kitchener, Ontario have returned and they brought their friends Wayfarer along for the ride in a split appropriately entitled Decayfarer. For the Decay’s portion, which takes up the majority of the tracks on this record, we are delivered more of the same successful blend of traditional pop-punk, post-hardcore, and rock that made This Month’s Rent as incredible as it was. The only real changes for this material that I noticed is that there appears to be a lot more emotion coming from the vocals and the songwriting appears to have matured ever so slightly. It’s still the same bag of tricks from the last record full of infectious sing-a-longs, driving melodies, and words about life’s everyday hardships but you can hear the growth in the song writing. If the band doesn’t become content, I can only anticipate nothing short of greatness to come with their next outing.

Once track 8 kicks in, we’re finally introduced to Wayfarer. Named after one of the best Hot Water Music songs, I figured I knew what I was going to be delivered and I wasn’t really surprised in the least. However, without sounding too much of a clone of the boys from Gainesville, Wayfarer offers some high spirited indie rock to go along with the HWM post-hardcore feel. I’d liken it to early Jimmy Eat World before they decided to go too commercial with their sound. I must say that I’m quite impressed with these 6 tracks, especially as an introduction for the band. I’m partial to the Decay songs because they do nothing but blow me away but this split has definitely served its purpose and got me wanting to check out more from these guys.

I have mixed feelings towards splits in general. A lot of the time I feel that one band was meant to carry the album while the other rides the coattails to make some easy money with album sales. There are tons of splits that I’ve come across in my time that I won’t ever listen to one half passed that first run through. The Decay and Wayfarer have done a great job of not wasting anyone’s time. The bands have enough similarities and are both good enough that I feel they will please each others fan base. I highly suggest checking this record out just for the Decay material but I implore you to make sure you give the Wayfarer tracks a spin as well. You won’t be disappointed.

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