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Aegaeon - Dissension

Ron Shark   (233 reviews)

Posted: 08/31/2011 | Comments: 0 | Rate:

Seemingly all of the deathcore I’ve heard was a blatant run up of the latest genre trends. Majority of them poorly putting together bad Black Dahlia Murder ripoff riffs, awful modern metalcore parts, and adding way too many breakdowns. A vast majority of them sounded the same, most like Suicide Silence. It’s a genre I expect to fade fast and also one that I never expected to like a band from. Evansville, Indiana’s Aegaeon have just changed that and became the first deathcore band I actually really enjoyed.

Dissension is the follow up to their debut ep Exponential Transcendence. That ep was pretty standard for the genre and didn’t really do much to set them apart from the rest of the pack. The new album looks to change all of that. They’ve added a new drummer and seemingly a different approach to songwriting. Don’t get me wrong, they still have deathcore influence and do break it down often. With most deathcore bands they seem to focus more on the metalcore side of things, thankfully these guys decided to focus on death metal more. The songwriting is just a lot better on these new songs.

The entire album is beyond heavy and brutal as hell. The production, the guitar tone, the vocals, the drums, literally everything. Simply put, it’s surprisingly solid throughout and the songs are quite unrelenting. Interspersed through the songs is an eerie and atmospheric interludes. While these definitely do setup a certain spacey atmosphere, it is also one of the few complaints I have about the album. They’re overdone and the album would probably only be a longer ep if you took them out rather than the full length it’s billed as. That’s quite a minor complaint when you look at what you’re complaining about, there’s not more music from the band, so basically I’m complaining for more.

If you’ve written off the deathcore genre completely, maybe give these guys a try. They’ve certainly surprised me when you consider that almost the entire genre is filled with absolute garbage. A lot of that absolute garbage actually have record deals. This band somehow doesn’t. That’s rather confusing. One last thing to mention, I do hope this band continues progressing towards a more straight up death metal band because they definitely have the chops and songwriting abilities to do so and do so well.

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