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Short Changed - Short Changed

Travis Fry   (128 reviews)

Posted: 09/12/2011 | Comments: 0 | Rate:

Short Changed play a heavy street punk much like a mix between Mouth Sewn Shut and the Casualties. Them being on Rodent Popsicle it wasn't a big surprise to hear this tyle band.

The music is a sped up street punk with a bit of thrash thrown in for good measure. The songs are short and full of energy with no frills or pretensions. They stick right around a minute or minute and a half for the whole album with the exception of a couple songs being shorter and one being longer.

The vocals are similar to Mark Unseen. It fits well but it is mixed a bit quiet and almost gets drowned out by the music. His vocals are great and it is a shame that they aren't able to shine. He has a very natural fit to the band which makes the record feel right. "Pipebomb Party" was more Dwarves mixed with Mouth Sewn Shut type vocals. It was actually a really great song and the change up gave the album some break making the rest of it not feel stagnant.

There isn't anything in particular that I disliked on this album but nothing I really liked about it either besides a few songs. The music is good but the songs themselves lacked something for me. All the parts are there that would usually get me going but a certain something that puts me off on the album. They have the potential to have great music but this release didn't do it for me. I would definitely check these guys out in the future. Anybody who likes fast, heavy street punk should check these guys out. They aren't bad by any means, this album just didn't do it for me as a whole. There are some great songs on here worth listening to.

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