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Myrath - Tales Of The Sands

Ron Shark   (233 reviews)

Posted: 11/02/2011 | Comments: 3 | Rate:

Tales of the Sand is the third full length from Tunisian band Myrath (meaning legacy). It is my first taste of the band and what many call their oriental metal sound. Admittedly, seeing them labeled as a progressive metal band with oriental influences is what piqued my interest.

It's always great when a band unknown to you ends up surpassing any expectations. Myrath did more than that. Being a fan of the prog and power metal genres, it's always nice to hear a band add new twists to it rather than simply aping early Dream Theater releases.

It's not to say the band doesn't draw some influence from Dream Theater. They also draw from Symphony X. It's the oriental rhythms and melodies that really set the band apart from their peers. The band mixes them in seamlessly and never sound forced as if an afterthought.

The musicianship is flawlessly executed. An album such as this needs excellent production and it comes through in aces. The recording is huge sounding with the perfect amount of polish. This is especially true on the drum sounds they obtained.

Tales of the Sands left me thoroughly satisfied. The release also left me wondering why this is the first I'm hearing of them. A band this strong deserves a lot more notice.

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sounds interesting
vanilla gorilla
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it does actually. might check it out
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artwork looks cool as shit too!

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