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Everclear - Black Is The New Black

AKelly   (133 reviews)

Posted: 08/10/2015 | Comments: 1 | Rate:

Everclear is a band I just never got into. That whole crop of alternative/post-grunge/whatever you want to call it bands just never appealed to me. They still don't, and I can't necessarily say I was expecting to review an Everclear record in 2015. But regardless, here we are. "Black is the New Black" is Everclear's latest offering that came out in April.

From a sonic standpoint, Everclear has a pretty standard hard rock approach on this album. Sure, the songs are well-written and have good production value, but this record suffers from a lot of the same problems I had with the Hinder record. You might enjoy the record the first few times you listen to it, but there aren't any elements to this record that really reward multiple listens. Nobody is going to listen to this record and keep finding new aspects to enjoy. I can't honestly say there were any standout tracks; they all pretty much blended together for me.

I didn't feel much from this record either. Lead singer/sole original member Art Alexakis had an extremely difficult childhood with multiple horrifying events taking place. However, I didn't feel an emotional pull to this record. The lyrics, in my opinion, seem like an afterthought which is a shame. They're too unoriginal and straightforward to really delve into, and I can't feel the pain that I know he was going through. Perhaps most of it was given out on older records, but this new release didn't do much for me.

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Art Alexakis has a history in the punk scene, grew up listening to pretty much just that, and is typically part of any punk related documentary yet plays whatever Everclear is considered. I mean, in a way it's still just 3 chords, but it's weird how what he typically gravitate towards for his own enjoyment didn't translate into his song writing. Same thing with the guy from 3rd Eye Blind. Apparently that guy listens to a ton of thrash and death metal. Wouldn't be able to guess that from the way they sound.

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