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Veilburner - Noumenon

Ron Shark   (233 reviews)

Posted: 08/16/2015 | Comments: 2 | Rate:

It was less than a year ago that Veilburner made their debut from out of nowhere. It took me completely by surprise. It was a dark atmospheric riff salad death metal album. The Three Lightbearers was anything but conventional. They achieved originality in a modern music world, something that's not easily obtainable.

While the duo's (yes, only two people create this!) first outing was music that Mephisto was sitting on for a bit and waiting for vocals. Noumenan is a release the tag team wrote together for the sole purpose that is Veilburner. Mephisto is either a riff factory just dropping ideas left and right or perhaps he had a bunch sitting around for a bit, because it's remarkable that not even a year later they're putting out another full length and one that steps up the game from the first release. A release that was no slouch mind you.

One thing that struck me on Noumenan is the refined sound. The band pulled the reins back a bit. It's very full of atmosphere. I do feel an Ackercocke and Behemoth influence still, but I'm also feeling some gothic undertones peeking their heads through the cracks. It's still a buffet of riffs and that is something that can easily sound jumbled if not handled properly. Thankfully, Veilburner never seems to be forcing their ideas. It is done tastefully with an eerie, dark tone roiling throughout waiting to bubble over into bursts of heavy excitement.

The music is a cinematic stage, set for vocalist Chrisom to bark down his epithets. I often picture the vocals at a bombastic occult leader shouting his sermon on high while his minions await below for instruction. The whole thing is done to a grandiose scale and it's remarkable when you consider this is done by two gentleman without a huge studio budget. Everything is full and realized.

Noumenan is the second part of an apparent trilogy. At the rate these guys are going, I wouldn't be surprised if we're graced with it next year. I also wouldn't be surprised if it ups their own ante even more.

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