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Mutoid Man - Bleeder

bryan.batiste   (131 reviews)

Posted: 09/12/2015 | Comments: 3 | Rate:

Back in January of 2014, I sloppily reviewed the debut EP from supergroup of sorts Mutoid Man, which features Stephen Brodsky of Cave In on guitars/vocals, Ben Koller of Converge on drums, and Nick Cageao of Bröhammer and the resident sound man of Saint Vitus in Brooklyn. The 10 track beast that is Bleeder is a fun listen that has a flurry of stoner metal breakdowns and uptempo noodle riffs, all with with Brodsky's wild vocals dancing on top of the madness. There are points where you think you are listening to a heavier version of Muse, or maybe that's just me. I've had the privilege of catching this band live three times over the last year, and this recording perfectly captures their live sound.

The opening distorted bass chords of "Bridgeburner" really build anticipation for the full band to kick in, Koller's kick drum beat still gets my fist punching the steering wheel. The guitars frequently dance around like Brodsky is practicing his scales, and Cageao keeps up with his bass playing. In the live setting, its almost a battle of who can keep up with who. The first 5 or so tracks are a solid back to back assault, with the first standout being "Sweet Ivy". The heavily distorted bass and the tom heavy drums are a cool rhythm section that contrasts Brodsky's solid melodic vocal, I can honestly see this song being popular on rock radio if it ever got the chance.

One of my favorite tracks, "1000 Mile Stare" begins with a wild, acrobatic guitar/bass battle and uptempo first half, before breaking into a circle pit inducing mosh riff where Brodsky screams his face off while ripping a nasty solo. This is where Koller shines on the drums, frantically throwing in tom and snare fills where ordinary men could not make such a feat occur.

Another standout is the track "Dead Dreams", which despite having a heavy palm muted main riff and sludgy chorus, doesn't truly get heavy until Kevin Baker of The Hope Conspiracy and All Pigs Must Die lays down some guest vocals, screaming "Cut off the dead weight, Don't sleep with dead dreams".

Album closer and title track, "Bleeder", is the most progressive song on the record, but also the sludgiest. A clean and dissonant guitar riff begins alone, while laid back drums and bass drone in the background, eventually building in intensity before things explode into a wall of sludgy guitar. A powerful female vocal, courtesy of Sarabeth Linden (who I unfortunately could not find previous works from), belts "Bleeder, I'm your open wound". The song builds off that massive riff, and after nearly 6 minutes breaks into a wall of down tuned sludge and feedback.

The 30 minutes that comprise Bleeder is a very fast yet effective listen. The blend of metal, rock, and psychedelic elements makes for a unique sound that will make you want to circle pit, toke up, bang your head, or whatever else you typically do at a show. The record is out NOW on Sargent House.

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I need to see them live. big fan.
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I have no legs!
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