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Underoath - They're Only Chasing Safety

cbrickhouse   (1851 reviews)

Posted: 05/19/2004 | Comments: 221 | Rate:

I will start by saying I liked this band better when they played black metal. I will also say that this EP is a regression from their last release, which was a regression from their last release. MY guess is they're trying to get paid, which I can't say I blame them for, if you had a chance to make more money doing something you love, then go for it. Even though their genre ( and if someone calls them screamo I'm going to lose it.) is still completely different then what they started at, they still stand worlds above the other bands similar to them. And I will stick by my opinion that the singer has a good singing voice. But my big beef is: if you're going to have clean vocals.... stop fucking screaming. That's pretty much all I have to say about this.

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Fight Your Ways
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I saw Underoath, and while I dont usually like screamo type stuff, I have to say they blew me away, the performance at least
life is gawbage
22,796 Posts
yeah, honestly, scream or sing, fucking CHOOSE
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i second the motion, what happened to you guys?
dot dot dot
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you know what, these guys are really cool people and they do what they love. many people are hating them because they are a christian band and it's "cool" to worship satan. yeah, they may have changed their music style and disappointed many hardcore fans, but when was the last time you got a record deal and landed a spot on mtv?
Burnt to Embers
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I liked them better with Dallas and when they played good music
Fight Your Ways
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Originally posted by:Terrorsathan

Originally posted by:Matt Greeno

they were black metal? Did they dress up like Emperor and King Diamond?

WTF, King Diamond is not black metal at all.

I know, but the way he dresses looks black metal
Fight Your Ways
1,677 Posts
A lot of people don't like worshipping anything. They think that both Jesus and Satan are bad. Just becuase they hate Jesus doesn't mean they love Satan
too cool for RECES
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ever since dallas left .. i have hated this band!
XRAY Technologist
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Their first 2 eps were so good. The newer stuff is so different but they still are ok.
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i still love this band
37,478 Posts
extol,immortal souls.God definately screwed up their music too.*sarcasim,sarcasim*
37,478 Posts
band is pretty, but lacks in originality.their old stuff was better
2,507 Posts
i agree with the screaming thing.
it ruins their music......SING for god's sake.......i hate when emo bands scream.
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they got queer.. they sounded bad live inw-b
but they also has sex with 10 yr old females so that's cool in my book..
4,631 Posts
the only song ive heard off this is the young and aspiring, and it's not that bad, but it's definitly not as good as their older more metal stuff

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