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Underoath - They're Only Chasing Safety

cbrickhouse   (1851 reviews)

Posted: 05/19/2004 | Comments: 221 | Rate:

I will start by saying I liked this band better when they played black metal. I will also say that this EP is a regression from their last release, which was a regression from their last release. MY guess is they're trying to get paid, which I can't say I blame them for, if you had a chance to make more money doing something you love, then go for it. Even though their genre ( and if someone calls them screamo I'm going to lose it.) is still completely different then what they started at, they still stand worlds above the other bands similar to them. And I will stick by my opinion that the singer has a good singing voice. But my big beef is: if you're going to have clean vocals.... stop fucking screaming. That's pretty much all I have to say about this.

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I have no legs!
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they arn't a bad band, but their music just doesn't reach out to me like other hardcore bands do. they could do better if they played from their heart.
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best fuckin band ever, love them to bits
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I think they are pretty good. Just because you sing christian lyrics does not make the band bad all of a sudden. that doesnt make any sense at all.
I have no legs!
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Originally posted by: scream-04*

This is a good band.All you people who dis them because all screamo bands sound alike should take the time to read the lyrics.You'll see the difference

You're stupid.
I have no legs!
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scream-04 FUCK U!!!!!! this band sucks in their last 2 cd's if they go back to where they left off in the changing of times which was a greta cd then i will love this band like i used to and for their lyrics they arent that great nothing new or original then any other band i read these fucking lyrics so just shut the fuck up and know what u r talking about

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Originally posted by:scream-04*

This is a good band.All you people who dis them because all screamo bands sound alike should take the time to read the lyrics.You'll see the difference

They're not screamo. If you want real screamo, listen to Saetia instead.
I have no legs!
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ur all fucking idiots really.
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Aaron Gillespie's voice is soothing on this album and "When The Sun Sleeps."
Dead Serious
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May 19, 2004.
Bad Debt
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When I saw this on the main page of general crabbery I thought it was a new thread slamming them...that could be fun...
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new cocks
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Originally posted by: BillyLostin

May 19, 2004.

I have no legs!
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haha... they sound like taking back sunday!!!!!!!!!!
the deCline
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no, not at all. you lose again
Future Trillionare
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This was there best album... define the great line was ok... I hate there direction...

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