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Underoath - They're Only Chasing Safety

cbrickhouse   (1851 reviews)

Posted: 05/19/2004 | Comments: 221 | Rate:

I will start by saying I liked this band better when they played black metal. I will also say that this EP is a regression from their last release, which was a regression from their last release. MY guess is they're trying to get paid, which I can't say I blame them for, if you had a chance to make more money doing something you love, then go for it. Even though their genre ( and if someone calls them screamo I'm going to lose it.) is still completely different then what they started at, they still stand worlds above the other bands similar to them. And I will stick by my opinion that the singer has a good singing voice. But my big beef is: if you're going to have clean vocals.... stop fucking screaming. That's pretty much all I have to say about this.

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dot dot dot
4 Posts
"Christian black metal" - click here for link - this is my friend's band from panama. they're insane.
stereo blue
7 Posts
yeah...but...if i was in their shoes....i dunno...real change a little bit to not get a real job...real jobs are gay.
s. chicago hardcor
1 Posts
yeah i loved when they were old skewl unerOATH back in 99 00 u know but now they just sound like the used and ever-e other damn band
im no slut
1 Posts
my <3 for underOATH just became overrated
Duke Earl
5,526 Posts
i like it.

i dont totally agree that their older shit was black metal though .. still, i dont mind their older stuff either.
514 Posts
Can't wait to hear this. I don't have a problem with the scream/sing combo. Killswitch pulls it off fine.
dead man walking
284 Posts
they were almost cool when they first started and ever albumn gets gayer and more cliche each time they should of quite awhile ago
dead man walking
284 Posts
iLOVEthewayoucry: i want to go to a show
xcharlesxconwayx: haha u went to like a mest show
iLOVEthewayoucry: fall out boy , thank you !
xcharlesxconwayx: thats almost worse
iLOVEthewayoucry: lol
iLOVEthewayoucry: none of my "friends" listen to my kind of music .. therefore ... blah
xcharlesxconwayx: new underoate = SHIT
iLOVEthewayoucry: ... oate ?
xcharlesxconwayx: oathe
iLOVEthewayoucry: thats right
iLOVEthewayoucry: heheheh
iLOVEthewayoucry: yeah, their new stuff IS shit
iLOVEthewayoucry: my favorite CD from them .. is ... Cries Of the Past
iLOVEthewayoucry: has like, 4 songs.. BUT , its the best
xcharlesxconwayx: o well underoathe all together isnt even all that good
iLOVEthewayoucry: :-(
3 Posts
You make no says writteninblack...progression is moving forward. You cant go forward for the worst.
8,407 Posts
they have degressed ever since tim joined the band. they just want to make $$$$$4.
155 Posts
Man all this "they just wanna make money". Wouldn't you want to doing something you love doing? Plus bands like this don't make much money so they need all the bucks they can get. And this whole Chritsian Black Metal thing, it shouldn't fuckin' exist. The word "Black" in Black Metal describes that fact that it's overly fuckin evil and apocalyptic, like "Black" Magic, and the "Black" Arts. If youre gonna sing about Jesus, God or peace, u gotta sing about destroying it. That's what Power Metal is for, slaying dragons and demons and shit. And bands like Burzum, Bathory, Cradle, Dimmu, Marduk, are the dragons and demons trying to destroy peace.
baby im a lost cau
861 Posts
cries of the past is still a great album....i don't like their new stuff.
Kill Me Now.
1 Posts
they used ot sound sweet. now they sound like tbs
61 Posts
man i wish they still had dallas
vanilla gorilla
213,596 Posts
i know what the fuck black metal is. their old shit was black metal influenced hardcore. suck a dick

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