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Underoath - They're Only Chasing Safety

cbrickhouse   (1851 reviews)

Posted: 05/19/2004 | Comments: 221 | Rate:

I will start by saying I liked this band better when they played black metal. I will also say that this EP is a regression from their last release, which was a regression from their last release. MY guess is they're trying to get paid, which I can't say I blame them for, if you had a chance to make more money doing something you love, then go for it. Even though their genre ( and if someone calls them screamo I'm going to lose it.) is still completely different then what they started at, they still stand worlds above the other bands similar to them. And I will stick by my opinion that the singer has a good singing voice. But my big beef is: if you're going to have clean vocals.... stop fucking screaming. That's pretty much all I have to say about this.

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i miss underoath.

the real underoath.

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"i know what the fuck black metal is. their old shit was black metal influenced hardcore. suck a dick"

I wasn't trying to fuckin offend you. Fuck. It's just this whole Christian Black Metal shit doesn't make sense to me.

607 NY Hardcore
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First of all Underoath was never BLACK METAL...what the fuck are you thinking?? Second of all, they are getting worse and worse. Far too emo. I did like seeing them live but that was a while ago. I can safely say they are piss poor crybaby emo now.
I have no legs!
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this new stuff just isnt 'underoath' anymore.
i paint dead girls
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you really cant hate on them.They were awesome with Dallas, and they are still good now.Its just that people cant understand the insane tranzition between members of the band.Basically this is Underoath gone Tooth and Nail.Amen.
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vocals are awsum he has an amazing voice
Fight Your Ways
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they were a good time, thye should be called "Funderoath" (bad joke)
XRAY Technologist
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The keyboardest rules. I love watching him go crazy when they play.
I have no legs!
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I actually like these 4 songs.
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aw i enjoy underoath
tarmac samurai
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when i saw them in pittsburgh two years ago i thought they were awesome. it was a great show zao and unearth were definatly better but i thought these guys were pretty good. the changing of times was a fairly good cd in my opinion. how does this one sound in comparison?
I have no legs!
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you gotta be kidding me - this band played black metal??? i haven't heard their earlier albums but i find this very hard to believe.
vanilla gorilla
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Originally posted by:astrofaes

you gotta be kidding me - this band played black metal??? i haven't heard their earlier albums but i find this very hard to believe.

they played black metal influenced hardcore. very different then their old shit.
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their old shit was the hotness, but this new album is so fucking bad .
I AM ME...I think?
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I have there "Changing of Times" cd wich I like, Wanna check out this new cd and hope its good and not as horrible as everyone says.

BTW- Ppl like good music, and ppl like shitty music, get over it!

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