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Hawthorne Heights - The Silence in Black and White

cbrickhouse   (1851 reviews)

Posted: 05/24/2004 | Comments: 123 | Rate:

Victory Records has expanded so much since the days of Blood For Blood, Earth Crisis, Strife, and Deadguy. They went from releasing hardcore cds to releasing mainly whatever you would refer to bands likethis is, and frankly I'm sick of trying to figure out what to call this stuff. I guess you can listen to the below Mp3s and make up your own mind.

This band sounds a crapload like Thursday, but this guy's voice is a little better and not as off-tune as the guy from Thursday. However they follow the same sing and (unessesary) screaming. Save the screaming for death metal and grindcore, where it makes sense. If they were to get rid of that I'd be rating this a bit higher. They have part similar to hardcore breakdowns... and I'm almost 100% sure every 16 year old on this site will have these guys in their favorite band list within the month this is released.

All in all... this is definetly nothing original. If too many bands keep releasing stuff like this and I have to keep reviewing it, I may pull my hair out. Mainly because I've gotten 5 other cds this week that sound exactly like this. It's not terrible... but it's not great either. If anyone replies to this review with "you don't know what you're talking about this band RAWKKKSSS!!!!" it will prove my point that rich white kids have found a new "grunge" to blast in their cul-de-sacs. Well they can have it... I'm going to put on some In-Quest and probably never listen to this again.

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their ghosts moron
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i like it.
I have no legs!
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i like this band.. but they try to sound like Thursday to much.. Thursday's doesn't need people copying them..
I have no legs!
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go to and listen to there LIVE version

they suck
The Queen Bitch
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hmm well i like this band but it's not worth it to get defensive like some people.
I have no legs!
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i love this band and the songs!
KiSs Me!
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you guys suck. i love hawthorne heights. they are awesome. but that's my opinion.
Music Fan
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Hawthorne Heights sounds like what Thursday would have sounded like if they had released an album when they were 7 years old. That's about the only way I can really compare Thursday's music to Hawthorne Heights. The only reason I bought "The Silence In Black And White" was because the cd was supposed to be for fans of Thursday. Also, I bought the CD about a year ago, so I didn't really know that much about the band at the time. What an ass I am. All this Cd really is, is a chance to cash in on the "emo" explosion. Every time the guy screams, I feel all uncomfortable because it just sounds so forced and unnecessary. The album sounds like it a bunch of b-sides from Story of the Year's album. Which isn't saying much. I think the lead singer has a nice voice but that's one of the few positives on this record.
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I have no legs!
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i don't understand whats so great about this band...i think it's just because hardcore is being so commercialized anymore. it will get old again like the whole "nu-metal" phase, and then will go back to being good(HOPEFULLY). ha. yeah right.
i used to listen to a lot of victory bands too...blood for blood is still fucking awesome to me!
life is gawbage
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is that the entire album up for download???
I have no legs!
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I have no legs!
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*barfs* silver bullet

only good song.

ohio is for lovers was okay

and then it was over played

and it sucked.
Future Trillionare
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This is 1 of the best albums ive heard. i like the voicals and music. and i like how they switch up the beat in the songs.
Dead Serious
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Woah! A band switches up beats in their songs.

Listen, all of these comparisons to Thursday piss me off. If any of you had ever seen Thursday live, especially back during the pre/post-waiting era, you would know that they put on a fucking amazing show and had something real there.This album, and I've listened to it repeatedly thanks to my trendy brother, is generic corporate produced garbage.

"Swim through these waters
My lungs collapse as I'm gasping for air
I'll breathe you in (and I'll breathe you in)
You are my oxygen alone"

This is all a shitty reproduction of what Thursday did, along with taking out much of the artistic nature of Thursday's work by putting the songs into the first person. I have no problem with new music, or the young kids or anything, but the fact that you all jock shitty bands like this is a testament to the dying creativity and authenticity of the youth.

Motocross Kid
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lol do u guys that dont like this band actually even listen to the entire song??????

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