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Atreyu - The Curse

cbrickhouse   (1851 reviews)

Posted: 05/25/2004 | Comments: 516 | Rate:

First I'd like to say... makeup has no place in hardcore. Secondly... I'm sure I'll get flack for this... but this CD sure does bite then big one. The only good thing about is the hot girl on the front cover. The vocals are typical scream then sign then scream then sing... and the dudes scream gets more annoying by the second. After listening to this I'm going to listen to Rapture for a good few hours to forget I ever heard this. (AND I'M NOT TALKING ABOUT "THE RAPTURE", THAT TERRIBLE ELECTO BAND, I'M TALKING ABOUT"RAPTURE", THE GREAT METAL ABND FROM FINLAND. SO STOP CONFUSING THE TWO, NUMBNUTS. CLICK THE LINK AND LISTEN INSTEAD OF FLAPPIN YOUR GUMS)

It's boring, run of the mill, and just plain retarded. I'm still ashamed that this band has the top plays in the mp3 section, there are so many better bands that deserve better. if you want a preview of what all the bands playing this year's hellfest, buy this CD. Otherwise, I'd say avoid this thing like herpes. But if the mainstream kids listen to this and stay away from my favorite bands, I'll be happy.

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Last Man Standing
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Originally posted by:whaines

First off, why would I even want to argue with you people? This place has to be full of the most single minded people in punk rock. Period
And I'm not liked here? Hell I barely even post here. And this site is only a joke because the people that post here. I'm sure most of the people who took the time to criticize Atreyu's riffs can't even plat guitar themselves. And if you can? Criticize away. You have grounds to do so at least. I don't need to sit here in front of a computer screen and explain myself to people I don't even know. There are shows going on. I have a hardcore band to play in. And I don't need to list 5 different bands that Atreyu are more talented then. Just look at about every other metalcore band. Save for Burnt By The Sun and Age Of Ruin.
Five different sites? I don't run around looking for punk rock message boards. Sorry.

but on a lighter note, the above video is indeed too much

I didn't realize this was a punk rock sight. I'm leaving. You should drop the "a" in your username, it would suit you quite well I think.
I have no legs!
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^That was profound. I think I'm hurt. You big bully.
Last Man Standing
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Shut the gay up.
Como estas, bitche
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fuck atreyu, fuck you
Dead Serious
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I hate punk, I'm with Mike..leaving.
new cocks
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Originally posted by:statugorey rape^^

fuck atreyu, fuck you

afam / aasr 32°
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Originally posted by:Dom

You know what's cool? Being a man, fucking bitches, partying, and metal.

quote of the year right here. words to live by
new cocks
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haha i must have missed that one
Dave B. #2
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"suicide notes...." wasnt THAT terrible but this thing definitely bites monkey dick. poor monkeys....
Up the Irons!
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I bet atreyu takes turns slamming each other's penii in door jams
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this bands worst then norma jean
life is gawbage
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androgyny isn't hardcore

(but hey, neither am I)
Boo Yah
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they would be a good simple band to listen to if they just got a real singer. like someone that actually sang. they would be the second rate darkness. that would rule. and norma jean is worse than any band. i'm not a fan of atreyu but their riffs are catchy. they are the pop punk band of rock.
vanilla gorilla
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ca ca ca cryyyyyy about it bitches!
Boo Yah
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why does everyone...

sw sw sw sweaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat this band?

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