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Atreyu - The Curse

cbrickhouse   (1851 reviews)

Posted: 05/25/2004 | Comments: 516 | Rate:

First I'd like to say... makeup has no place in hardcore. Secondly... I'm sure I'll get flack for this... but this CD sure does bite then big one. The only good thing about is the hot girl on the front cover. The vocals are typical scream then sign then scream then sing... and the dudes scream gets more annoying by the second. After listening to this I'm going to listen to Rapture for a good few hours to forget I ever heard this. (AND I'M NOT TALKING ABOUT "THE RAPTURE", THAT TERRIBLE ELECTO BAND, I'M TALKING ABOUT"RAPTURE", THE GREAT METAL ABND FROM FINLAND. SO STOP CONFUSING THE TWO, NUMBNUTS. CLICK THE LINK AND LISTEN INSTEAD OF FLAPPIN YOUR GUMS)

It's boring, run of the mill, and just plain retarded. I'm still ashamed that this band has the top plays in the mp3 section, there are so many better bands that deserve better. if you want a preview of what all the bands playing this year's hellfest, buy this CD. Otherwise, I'd say avoid this thing like herpes. But if the mainstream kids listen to this and stay away from my favorite bands, I'll be happy.

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righh righh
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I agree with aaron, Atreyu is awesome
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I only like one song by this band...Aint Love Grand...the rest is too metally.
Your Average Junki
277 Posts
Rapture? Why go from one shitty band to another?
vanilla gorilla
213,604 Posts
Originally posted by:Oh, and they stab.

Rapture? Why go from one shitty band to another?

not "the rapture", that crappy band. i'm talking about rapture, the great metal band, you dipshit. listen to them so you'll know how wrong you were.
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the first album was decent i thought, but this new album was nothing new or interesting, just more of the same
I have no legs!
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I love this website.
new cocks
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this band is gayer than richard simmons fisting another mans asshole
7,951 Posts
i knew what this review was going to say before i read it. and it's 100% true
whiskey dick
11,638 Posts
'atreyu? more like a-GAY-u!'

everything along the lines of "this band is gay" that was said in here is all that needs to be said.
new cocks
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this band is straighter than george
whiskey dick
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Originally posted by:brian.

this band is straighter than george

below the belt dude.

kid rock called to say he wants his gene pool back.
new cocks
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oh shit
4,631 Posts
i feel sorry for you if you like this.
dead by dawn
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I love this cd so much, downloaded a week ago, its probably one of my faves already right now, c'mon people you know it rocks
whiskey dick
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